Monday, May 28, 2007


We close on the new house Wednesday at 4:00. YEAH!

It feels like it has been forever since we got everything else settled. I guess it has been a couple months of waiting. Hubby drove by the house today and said the current owners were moving stuff out of the house, so I guess it is getting really close.

I am finding out that it is impossible to get completely packed when you live in a small house! We have about half our stuff packed and are climbing over boxes and each other! We've had to stop so we could move around! We load a Uhaul Friday night with boxes so we can start taking stuff over Saturday morning. I am going to get the kitchen completely packed tomorrow night with the exception of a few pots and pans. That will be a task in itself. The biggest thing that will help is getting the furniture out of the house so we have space to maneuver.

I'm getting pretty excited and I am definitely looking forward to having more space! I am looking forward to having a dedicated space for my knitting and quilting. FINALLY!

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