Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Morning!

The boys are already starting the 1/2 day countdown until the end of the school year. Tomorrow they get out of school at noon. I will be in court until late, so unfortunately I won't get to see their "freedom faces" until I get home. I "stand in" occasionally for the Domestic Violence Advocate at the city prosecutor's office when she is not in the office. My job is basically to talk to victims and witnesses, then give it to the prosecutor. From there, he/she decides what they want to do. I really like it. I love the courtroom time. When we have trials, it is interesting to listen to closing arguments. That is another great thing about my job---I have been given excellent opportunities to get experience in a large variety of settings that I might not in a "conventional" law firm. I hate to use the term "conventional" but we are different in that we are registered as a not for profit law firm. We handle certain types of legal issues for individuals with legal fees based on income guidelines...It has been excellent job from the day I started as an intern years ago. It is rare to find a job that is both family friendly and female friendly as this office is.

Gardening season is here....I haven't planted anything yet since we will be moving in two weeks, but I am definitely looking into some blackberry bushes to plant when we get to the new house. I went to a self pick farm two years ago and really had a great time canning jams. I had also visited a peach orchard near our house and got a lot of peaches, so I had canned blackberry, peach and blackberry-peach jam. My favorite was the blackberry peach. The combination of the two fruits really tasted excellent. I love to can. Mainly jams and salsas, but I am going to branch out and put away other stuff this year. Jams are really easy and make excellent gifts. When I do get settled and can some stuff, I will post the recipes here. You really should try your hand at making jams--they are among the easiest to do. Marigold already has a jump on her garden, I'm jealous!
Hey! If it worked, I just linked Marigold's name with her blog--hopefully you just click on her name to go to her fabulous blog. Disclaimer: Remember I am new to this linking business, so if you get to Joe's Discount Sweat Sock Shop instead, sorry!

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Marigold said...

Yep, linking to my blog worked! I can see the link in a lovely neon green.

To respond to your comment on my blog ;) I haven't canned anything recently but I did learn how when I was in highschool. I even have a pressure canner, just in case I want to. This year I might. We don't have much storage space to put jars of tomatoes away, but we use so much tomatoes and tomato sauce that I could save a bunch doing that.