Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tagged! I'm it....

Marigold ( and since I am not techno smart, I have to do it the "OLD FASHIONED WAY) just tagged me. So here goes:

8 Random Things about Me:

1: I was born in Baltimore Maryland, raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma (Home of Oklahoma State University---GO COWBOYS!) since 1976. I consider Oklahoma my home state (because I grew up there).

2. I never saw myself as having kids-ever. I now have three and wouldn't mind having dozens more except for that "giving birth thing", which I don't do too well. And the fact that I am over 40 (small detail....humor me).

3. I love to watercolor paint. And scrapbook. And quilt....and....

4. I have a yarn and fabric stash that is so infinite, it will outlast my great grandkid's grandkids....and I don't even have Grandkids yet! Note to 20 yr old son: This is not an invitation to give me grandkids yet--FINISH COLLEGE!

5. I love chickens! And cows...

6. I worked three days in a dairy barn when the twins were babies. I have infinite respect for those that can do it. I couldn't drink milk for almost 6 months after.......Cows are sooooo much prettier from the front!

7. I have no piercings or tattoos either, Marigold. I am a wimp when it comes to intentionally choosing pain. Plus, at my age, if I got a cute bird anywhere on my body, it would be migrating South forever....I know, the visuals have now scarred you for life!

8. Every morning I wake up next to my hubby, I feel blessed. The best decision I ever made was to say Yes when he proposed 17+ years ago.

and because I can't follow a rule to save my life, here's an additional:

8.5......I can't follow a budget or a diet for the life of me!!! I can hold on to 50 pounds forever, but $50 just melts away..go figure!

That was fun! Thanks Marigold!

I will figure out who to tag this evening when I get off work. Hubby just called to let me know they mentioned that the roads surrounding the building I work at are closed because there is a country music video being shot there, so I have to figure out an alternate route to the parking lot...and to the front door....Great....that's what happens when you work in a building that also houses a historic theatre from the 20's.....Thankfully he called to give me a heads up. I would not have been amused! Which is another random about me---I am usually pretty mild mannered, but I can back down a marine when mad. Ask my kids, they've heard me do it to a pushy marine recruiter....

Good coffee and great friends to you and yours!!

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