Thursday, December 06, 2007

And now for the weather...

Look what we awoke to this morning....urgggg...But then it is DECEMBER and KANSAS, so I really shouldn't be acting like this is a huge honkin' surprise....
That shine is not the result of my meticulous cleaning abilities, it's ice.
This is the time of year that I switch from liking wool to contemplating wearing the whole sheep live! I know, PETA would be all over me like, well, a sheep on hay! BAAAAAHHHDD! And since I have now pissed off PETA and all English teachers (bad ethics and grammar all in one shot. My college professors would be soooooo proud).
So instead of running my errands and getting my grocery shopping done, I am staying at the house and coming up with plan B for dinner. Thankfully we have eggs, Bisquick mix (we buy the college dorm size at Sam's) and milk. Can you say "Breakfast for Dinner tonight"? My boys are at that jaded age where that isn't such a big treat anymore, so I won't even try to fake enthusiasm on their part.
My original plan was to hit Sam's at 7:30 this morning and get my shopping done before they open the doors to everyone else (I love my business membership!) and be home early to make meatballs and meatloaf for later meals, then go shopping with a friend. Two snags in that plan:
1: ICE
2: I had forgotten how FREAKING COLD it is at 7:30 in the morning.
I HAVE to get out tomorrow to get things accomplished! Luckily this weekend is completely free with the exception of a spinning class, so I will be home cooking some meals to freeze for later dinners and making a huge batch of chili.
Questions for the day:
What is the weather like in your corner of the globe?
When it is snowy and icy, do you play outside or hibernate inside with projects? What are your favorite cold bound activities?
Leave me a comment!
I love snow, HATE ice! However, great freinds and good coffee to you and yours!


Donna said...

Hey Rhonda, thought I would answer your questions. We here in the beautiful NW are still digging out/drying out from the last batch of huge rainstorms we had. It was a lot, even for us. Weather has been mostly cloudy and bit rainy today, but not too bad.

I hate ice, it's so scary. Luckily we don't have it too often. We don't have snow too often either, which is OK with me. My husband loves the snow and wants to live somewhere with lots of it. Luckily, sense has prevailed so far. :)

When the weather turns cold and wintry, I like to settle in and knit or play games with the kids. Unfortunately, since I work from home, we have to be without power or phone before I get to take a "snow day".

Fun questions. I feel for you with the ice. Yuck!

Marigold said...

In Indianapolis, it's just about freezing, cloudy, and it was raining about 30 minutes ago. I think it's stopped now, hopefully the temperature dosen't drop, or we'll have ice here too. When it's like this, I hate to do anything. I don't want to drive, I don't want to go outside. Um, I don't want to do much of anything inside, either. I would rather curl up with a good book and hibernate. Unfortunately, with two kids in the house, that dosen't work well...

Zegi said...

Here in Ohio it is raining and dreary, though in the 40's so we don't have ice yet but we should soon. When it gets cold I like a cup of hot chocolate, a roaring (real) fire, and a good movie or book to snuggle up with!