Monday, December 31, 2007

New Sock on the needles!

I love Kool Aid dyeing yarn! I also love dyeing with acid dyes, but Kool Aid is one of those projects that is perfect for the beginner to get started, you can do it with kids around and there is no funky warning on the label about not "breathing in" any of the powder. However, if you feel inclined to breathe in/snort/ otherwise ingest Kool Aid, be my guest...just don't email and tell me about it.... My new sock is using Kool Aid dyed yarn from Knit Picks. I dyed this yarn last year and then wasn't sure what to do with it since I hadn't figured out socks yet. Since I have the basic sock pattern under control, I dug out this yarn and figure I should have a set of girlie socks by the middle of January--if not sooner. I say girlie yarn because this yarn has pastel pinks in it and other softer colors. Where I sprinkled on dry powder, there are little bursts of vivid colors in small dots. And another good thing about this yarn is there is NO WAY to match the patterns, so no stripe's all good!
This is probably how I am going to break in the new year--quietly and immersed in yarn. I have been thinking about whether I want to make any resolutions--even though I hate that word...But goals for the year by any other name is still a New Year's resolution. What are yours?

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