Saturday, December 29, 2007

Proof I can finally get to the KIP at 8 a.m (ish)!!

I am so shocked I actually made it (FINALLY made it!) to the Saturday morning Knit in Public at Panera's!! I always have the best intentions, but the alarm goes off and I hit snooze...actually I hit the OFF button, but saying I hit the snooze makes me less of a slouch...
Lia, Jackie, Lanora, Rebecca (sorry if I misspelled any names)
Sally and Diana
And the newbie, Cindy! Cindy is the primary reason I actually made it to the KIP this morning. I was telling her about the group and she wanted to come play....Cindy has been knitting for less than a week and is flying through another scarf. I taught her the knit stitch and will be teaching her the purl stitch next. At the rate she devours projects, I'm sure she will be knitting sweaters in no time! I taught her the fine art of stash enhancement and she caught on very quickly!
And this is our soon to be departing Lia! We are going to miss her....who wants to organize a multi-state yarn shop crawl to the west coast? Just a thought...I wish I'd gotten pictures of Jackie showing the versatile knitted thing on the table...Hey Jackie, if you add string on either end, it could even be a thong....I'll stop now before I'm forever banned from KIP...

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Knappy Knits said...

I was so glad that you came. Sometimes it's hard for me to get up on Saturday mornings, too but I depend on th at time with my friends.