Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ok--Day 2

I had a big list of things I was going to do this morning but it just seemed like a good idea to stay home instead. I tend to be an impulse buyer so it is sometimes better to just hang out at home instead of getting tempted if I know I may have problems sticking to my list. However, I will go foraging in the early morning tomorrow and pick up some meat for the week. I am going to make a honkin' big pot of chili tomorrow. It just sounds good now that the days are getting colder. Have any of you received snow yet? We had a little snow around Thanksgiving but it melted by days end and we haven't had any more since. I wish I had some wool blankets to sandwich between the sheets....I'll get right on that...not.

Am I the only one who isn't particularly crazy about Noro Kuyreon...I love the changing colors, but it is really scratchy. Has anyone else worked with this and does it soften up after washing? It was suggested to me that you need to use hair conditioner on it--ever heard of that? I am discovering it is a pain to frog! It catches on itself almost as bad as mohair.

The dogs are not used to having me at home and right now are testing my patience by trying to play musical doors. Parents of children know this game well. If the kid is on the outside, he feels lonely and wants to come in. If he is on the inside, he feels stifled and wants to go out. And the cycle continues...Right now one of the dogs is sitting at the patio door crying to get in...He can just plant his happy butt in that spot for at least another hour, darn it! Ever notice that kids and dogs come finely trained to dance on that ONE exposed nerve? Yep, at least with dogs you can put them outside for the day and not have to worry about social services coming....but then at least with kids, they don't have accidents on your carpet. Or at least I hope...

I have decided that I am in the market for a spinning wheel. I am surprised at myself, but I am leaning strongly towards getting a Louet wheel. For some reason, I am finding that I actually like the modern look of a Louet. However, I would really love to find one used since I don't think a new one is in the budget. So if you know of anyone wanting to sell their Louet wheel, email me.

I am anticipating a shipment of mystery roving from Wool2Dye4. I love this company for large quantities of natural yarns that I dye, so I was happy to see such an awesome price on roving. They are sure it is not merino but are unsure of exactly what it is. Once I get it, I'll make a decision on whether it is soft enough for sock yarn or whether I will blend it with merino to add some softness. Now I just have to become best friends with an alpaca farmer.....hmmm. I guess I will have to check out (stalk)the livestock arena at the state fair next year. I didn't get to the livestock this year, but the year before that I fell in love with some of the llamas at the fair. They were really soft. As soft as any alpaca I've played with, so I'm going to see about getting some of that to spin too. I got to pet a couple llamas and talk to the breeders. I was surprised at how docile they were. I was expecting them to spit. The breeder explained that llamas that are not stressed are usually docile...Hubby nixed my idea of getting one for the backyard with just one glance. You ladies know that look. I didn't even bother to give him my "Fine, I'll come back without you later and pick up a dozen" look...I imagine a llama would be hard to house train. However, if you know of anyone that has, please do tell.

Well, I guess I will get something accomplished today...please don't hold me to that though. It may take me a week to get in the mode...right now I am still trying to figure out how to structure a day where I have to write the agenda...

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