Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday--Part II

This is the diary of a first sock....Thanks to Jackie and Lia's excellent class at Twist, I got past the heel turning thing, figured out gussets.. and
finished a sock....
Then another...and LOOK (!!!!) , my first completed pair of socks! YEAH!! I will work a little harder next time to make sure the striping and colors line up, but for now, this is sooooooo cool!
After going to the KIP, I hit a couple stores and found the books above at such outrageously low prices they had to come home with me. The baby hat and booties book had a REALLY clear explanation of the Kitchener stitch, so that alone was worth the $7 I paid for the book. I used it to close the toe of the second sock. I plan to try some of the baby booties patterns too-They look like small projects that would travel well. Border's had their calendars for 50% off, so I picked up the Stitch and Bitch 2008 calendar too....It was a great day!

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