Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Posting to catch up!

Pictures from Christmas--they were only half excited I was taking pictures. Originally they were in their skivvies (not what you are seeing in this picture, thankfully) and only agreed to get into appropriate attire when reminded that their pictures were probably going to be posted on my blog for all to see. They went to their room and got long pants and shirts on...And no, that is not dirt above their lips--they are 14 and both have the starting of moustaches....yikes.

And as you can see, Buddy the beagle was there to supervise....

I wonder if that blackmail would work if I threatened to take pictures of their room and post it..Nah, wishful thinking...) They had already opened their presents at this point and were dividing up a box of Pirate playing cards they got. It is a really neat card deck where the kids can build little models from each deck. They loved that surprise.

This was our downstairs patio the day before Christmas. We got 7" of snow. I love snow! However, the wind really blew and we had snowdrifts that were REALLY deep! Like the depth that you can completely lose a dachshund in if they try to go down the stairs that are in front of the chairs you see in the above picture (not the stairs leading to the upstairs). If you look really close, you'll see there are SUPPOSED to be stairs leading to the yard, which are completely snowed in..Sugar stepped of the edge and completely sank to the bottom. We retrieved her, but considering this dog thinks water will make her melt, she was completely freaked out for the rest of the day! Small dogs and big snow..not good. Funny as hell, but not good.
Today I came home from bargain hunting today (and teaching a friend to knit) and this was here---my spinning wheel came! Hubby put it together and I am going to get some tung oil to seal it tomorrow. I did have to email the seller with a couple questions. The instructions say the flyer is supposed to turn. The bobbin turns but the flyer does not. Originally I thought there was something different in the way it operates, but the seller told me the flyer should be turning, so I am going to have to play with it to make it work--keep your fingers crossed for me. I REALLY want this wheel to work! It really is pretty! We will oil the bearing tomorrow since it does have a really loud squeak--so hopefully I will be spinning by this weekend. And this is how we ended the day Christmas. Candles lit and good food on the table.

Saturday we go to Stillwater (Oklahoma) to my parent's house and have dinner with my nieces and nephews, brother and his fiance and my parents. I am looking forward to going home for the day. It amazes me every time I go home that things are changing so much--especially around the university (GO COWBOYS) ! It looks nothing like it did when I was growing up there and attended college. Some of it is good, some of it is not. Oh well, the only thing constant is change...

Great friends and Good coffee to you and yours!

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