Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Best Laid Plans...

I am SUPPOSED to be in Tulsa (Oklahoma) Thursday for an informal workshop with Louisa Harding at Loops.

However, my car has decided that tie rods are optional and did not consult the wheel base. I could just cry. I was REALLY looking forward to going! I had a reserved spot a long time ago. Renting a car was an option, but an expensive one, so I just finished calling Loops and leaving a message that I can't be there. They have a waiting list, so hopefully they can slide someone in and it doesn't cause a problem. I was really looking forward to seeing Louisa and shopping at Loops.

On the plus side, I worked off some of that frustration (not all of it mind you) by getting more stuff organized around the house. I am hoping that the house will be organized, decorated and ready for guests by the end of February.

To ease the disappointment, I will probably go stalk (oops--I mean VISIT) Shelly at Twist and Mary at Heritage Hut on Thursday. I'll have hubby's car so I'm sticking to local haunts...We may seriously have to consider getting a new car for traveling this summer! Our current cars are great for in town and short trips, but they have well over 150,000 miles on each of them. However, the Plymouth Voyager hubby drives didn't have to have it's engine replaced until it went well over 400,000 miles. The mechanic could not believe. It isn't pretty, but it is a well built van. My newer van has had a couple issues, but not anything that was factory related so I can't complain. I would love to have a hybrid or at least one that leaves a lighter footprint on the gas situation.

On the budget side, I almost ordered one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books at Amazon.com since I have been really wanting to see what all the buzz is about (I know, I am a late bloomer). I got as far as the checkout and thought about our public library. Guess what? They have not only one, but two copies of this book. Tomorrow I am going to head over there and pick it up so I can look at it and decide if I want to play with it. I am so glad I checked there first! One more budget stretcher. I have actually been pleasantly surprised at the books our library has. I found Crazy Aunt Purl's book last week and absolutely love it! She is hilarious. And the patterns she includes in the book are great too. I actually got her magic scarf pattern from her website and have used it as my "little black dress" scarf pattern. It's easy and chic and everyone loves the way it looks. Plus it can utilize any yarn you little heart desires.

And on the same subject of budget, I love the Internet! I have two skeins of Brown Sheep Company's Wildfoote sock yarn and wanted a pattern that specifically used that yarn. Brown Sheep has a pattern specifically for it on their website. It features a diagonal rib, so this will be a perfect pattern for me after I finish the sock I'm working on. My goal this month is to knit 2 pairs of socks. I may have to knock that down to one pair and then set a higher goal for February.

I am contemplating taking a hand quilting class in February at one of our local quilt shops. I had put my quilt stuff in the guest bedroom and haven't had a chance to really get anything done, but I am going to make myself do at least one quilt related piece at least once a week. I took a hand applique class this summer and really enjoyed it. At one time I knew how to hand quilt, but it has been so long that I need to take a refresher. Hand quilting and hand applique are a lot like knitting and spinning--they are relaxing and you can easily lose track of time. They are great stress relievers.

Well, I probably ought to get thing ready for tomorrow. Hubby has to leave the house before 7:00 a.m which means I am dropping the kids off at school. I don't do mornings, remember? And it is supposed to snow. I'm going to be really pushing it to be human!

Well, have a great night and try to stay warm wherever you are.


Zona Lisa said...

Hi Rhonda,

I found you when I did a search on google for "knitting lessons kansas" I also live in a small town in ks (colwich). I am 47 and I have crocheted since I was 12 (35yrs). I love to crochet but I so want to knit as well. I have taught myself many crafts as well as most needlework. I quilt, do cross stitch & needlepoint some weaving & lockerstitch, but I have been trying in vain to teach myself to knit using books, internet & television. I can do the basic knit & purl but I am lost when I make a mistake. I would really love to take some lessons from someone "in person". Do you know anyone in the area that teaches knitting classes? I would really appreciate your response.


Rhonda said...

Actually Lisa, there are a couple really good options. Twist has formal class lessons--they are on Douglas Street in Wichita and Jackie is a really good teacher. She taught me to turn heels on socks-which took a lot of patience on her part I can assure you. The Heritage Hut is another good place. I have worked with her on various projects in the past.You arrange a one on one with Mary for that. And in Newton there is the Beadery. They have one on one classes. Candice taught my son's girlfriend how to knit and she had not picked up any needles until that day. She is knitting wonderfully. There are also several knitting groups that meet and the members are extremely helpful to everyone. Email me and I can make sure you get connected. Since you know how to knit and purl, there are several options--and a lot of undoing mistakes is knowing who can figure it out and get you straight again.It's a wonder Mary at Heritage Hut survived me when I was learning to knit! I would love to meet you and get you connected with our local knitting community!