Monday, January 07, 2008

Power failure

Apparently there was an energy crisis at my house that totally wiped out the power sources of 4 dogs and a teenager today.
Mark came in the front door and sat down on the landing to talk to Sugar. That's as far as he got!
I looked over and he was out like a light and both dogs were asleep next to him...Sugar woke up when I tried to take the picture--figures....but it was really cute!
From the top of the landing it almost looked like a scene from my college days....but we won't go there....However my sick sense of humor almost pushed me to draw a chalk line around him to see what he would say when he woke up. These poor kids...


Whirled said...

Wow! My school-age children are 7 and 9. It's complete bedlam when they come I'm sort of looking forward to those teenage years!

Rhonda said...

Believe me, it's non stop excitement..and sometimes just side splitting amusement as you can see in the pictures!