Monday, January 07, 2008

Good Morning!

This morning I glanced out the kitchen window and the sunrise took my breath away. It was a gorgeous swirling, layered confection of pinks, oranges, purples and blues. I sat there drinking my coffee and contemplating how much I love this house! I am very thankful that we had the opportunity to buy it and the owner accepted our bid (there was another couple we recently met that said they tried to put an offer on it too). We really have been blessed. We spent a larger part of Sunday cleaning the family room so now I am going to be looking for furniture. When we moved from the small house, I realized what seemed like an overflow of furniture in the little house, looks like nothing in the new house. ARGGG.
And this is another part of what I accomplished the weekend. See how wonderfully the wheel spins! I can get yarn as fine as thread or as thick as I desired. What you are seeing right now is destined to be plied with a thicker colored yarn. I will pull out my roving and dyes and decide on colors as the mood strikes me. I am also considering the possibility of plying with another thin for some sock yarn....I love being able to spin! Hubby did his magic and fixed my Ashford Traditional this weekend also. I had ordered the repair kit and got it Friday. Thankfully my cute man can just look at something and know what to do (but the instruction in the Ashford kit are pretty clear also). My Ashford is a double drive and he was discussing the mechanics of it with amused me. He gets really into that stuff--I just want it to work when I sit down to use it..I'm really lucky to have him!
She is still not finished , and will remain that way for the cold months since I discovered you have to be outside to vanish or apply tung oil---good thing I read the instructions...I know, DUH!

I haven't named her yet, she'll get that at her coronation (when she is finished and sealed) . I'm considering Greta, but am open to suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment on what you think she should be named... On the bobbin is the mystery roving I got from Wool2Dye4. Sheila has narrowed it down to being Shetland, and it absolutely spins like a dream! I am soooooo glad I ordered it! And in the larger quantity (7 lbs....should keep me busy, do you think?!)

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