Monday, January 14, 2008

New Projects

Ok--I have to fess up. The Kool Aid dyed sock has been frogged. I've taken on a new love...I got about 7" into the Kool Aid dyed sock and realized I had ladders running up the sides. That is the first time I've done that so at first I thought I could just ignore it and continue on. I couldn't. I frogged it and then decided I wanted something a bit spicier. So, not being one who lacks for sock yarn, I pulled the Jitterbug out of the closet. I had been holding off on using it because it was just soooo fun to look at and hold. (I will know who has read this post by the wary stare I will now receive from you). I LOVE the Jitterbug! It is so wonderful to work with and the color is incredible!!!

My newest project is to strip and refinish this wheel given to me by Dawn. She was in the process of painting it green but decided she didn't have the space for one more wheel, so graciously gave it to me. I am going to strip it down to the wood and just stain and seal it. Dawn did say she was having problems keeping it running so if Hubby can't work his magic, it will at least be a pretty decorative piece.
I am trying to behave this year and pay special attention to our finances and actually building some kind of savings. We, like many Americans, are a little behind when it comes to having funds for an emergency. Why? A little spending here and there...and here...and there. With me no longer working I thought the budget would take a big hit, but I have been please to find that we are actually running a little ahead of where we normally are. Why? I am making myself write down everything I really think we have to have and then make myself look to see if we have anything in the house that could work instead. Case in point: Our entryway needed a table. I had looked at several tall tables that could work, but was not feeling the love for parting with $100+ that all of them cost. That's a lot of sock yarn we're talking about ( a girl has to have her priorities you know) ! After looking around the house, I remembered we have a sewing machine table (sans the machine) that would work perfectly. It does. I have a mirror to put above it and things to put on it--I might have to spring for an small area rug--but you can be I will be scanning the sales. I am trying to make more meals at home and actually use up leftovers. I am horrid about not using meat and stuff in the fridge that could make perfectly good meals. So I end up tossing them in the long run--money down the drain. On days we have leftovers, I add a great dessert or some homemade cookies to add a little splash....We have saved quite a
bit of money since I have quit by simply not eating out as much as we did when both of us were coming home from work and too tired to cook.
Now if I can just stay off!

What do you do to extend the budget?

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Whirled said...

Oooh! I love that yarn too, what a wonderful sock that will be! We are watching our budget big time as well. I think your table idea is awesome, and preferable to a new one!