Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Things to do today!

I have actually made a pretty good dent in the box population in our master bedroom. However it does escape me how boxes clearly marked "Laundry room" ended up in our bedroom....I'm sure that would explain how boxes clearly marked "Mom's Room" ended up in the farthest corner buried in the garage...ARGGGGGGG!

I am getting ready to run upstairs to actually make the dough for Hershey Kiss cookies. I will get the dough made and actually have the boys scoop and bake the dough when they get home. This will be a good thing for us to do together. I was thinking about how quickly they have grown and realized there really is not a lot of time before they are in high school and will have busy lives of their own, so I'd better grab all the time with them I can--while it is still OK to hang out with parents! I was also ruminating on the fact that I am exactly the same age as my parents were when I was the boys age and thought "Holy Smokes! That's OLD!" Made me laugh...every time the boys tease me about my grey hair, all I can say is "I've worked darn hard to get to this age, I've earned every strand--it's staying!"

Ideally I will go to the public library sometime today, but that may get put aside until tomorrow. I try to bundle all my trips so I am not wasting gas. I will make the loop to my old office for lunch with a coworker, the yarn store and the downtown library tomorrow. In an effort to keep me on track and focused I have a daily list of things that need to be done around the house. Tomorrow is supposed to be laundry day, so I will get it done tonight instead so I am at least keeping on track. I tend to get sidetracked, so having a list helps keep me focused and on track.

So what are you doing today?

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Zegi said...

I don't know, I think the chalk border from your previous post might have had some charm for a teenager...