Thursday, January 24, 2008

When it Rains...

This has been a rough week in our house as far as getting cars and animals to actually cooperate. My van has to go to the shop in the morning and cute man's van started acting up tonight. Yep. This is going to make the finances game a challenge this month! I guess this is going to be a great "opportunity" for me to practice creative budgeting.

However, I am completely stocked for yarn. I can breathe easy there (in case you were worrying about me being in a yarn poor house). Actually, I am probably stocked for yarn until the end of 2008!The same goes for fabric for quilting. I have been looking through the incredible pattern library on Ravelry--it is mind boggling! I am so glad I got my invite! If you haven't joined Ravelry, you must go and check it out. It took about a week from when I signed up until I got my invite, but the wait was worth it. I was looking for a hat pattern today using worsted weight yarn. Ravelry lets you look for just that description--and I found more than I could even imagine. Some are free and some are for sale. It is mind boggling...OK, I'll stop.

Great Movie Alert:
A friend and I went to see "P.S. I Love You"----it was REALLY good. It is definitely a chick flick and I am going to go see it again. I usually am not one to see anything twice. I won't blow it for you, but the two of the men (the lead actor and the one that is introduced later) have Irish accents that will make you melt in your seat.......Oh, and there is a completely awesome gratuitous flash of a really good looking tush. LOL. That's all I'll say about that 'cause I'm a married woman, you know...
It is a really touching movie. Bring tissues, but do go to see it.

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