Saturday, December 30, 2006

Knitting pics

Here is yet another work in progress. It is knit with Alpaca yarn from Knit Pics. Even though it is technically a "bulky" weight yarn, any more than a size 9 needle would be too large. I take it everywhere at this point,especially since I put it on shorter needles--the pattern is sooooo easy that I got several inches done this Christmas before we hit the Oklahoma border. I plan to take it with me to Stillwater, Oklahoma (my hometown) and bang out several more inches at Aspen coffee company--a local coffee shop and coffee roaster in Stillwater. Good coffee and outrageously good treats! I have to take my mother to the cardiologist in Tulsa again, so it will be coming. I tried knitting while my mother was driving recently and was treated to stories of people being impaled by their needles in an accident.....and it took every bit of my resolve not to say "So would that also include not writing while driving or carrying pens anywhere near your body?---but I am slowly learning that just invited more "details"--I think I ought to send this one in to "MythBusters"....and you wonder how Urban Legends start.......

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