Friday, December 29, 2006

Good Friday!

My cute hubby still has off from work so this afternoon he came by the office so we could go to lunch. We ate at an Indian restaurant (TOTAL YUM) and then blew some serious money on chocolate at Cocoa Dolce. If you have a chance to visit Wichita or if you already live in the area---GO! While deciding, the girl at the counter let me sample a full piece of the eggnog cream filled candy---it almost made my eyes roll back in my head....we went in with the intention of getting one piece each (they are a little pricey) but ended up buying a sample box of 9 pieces. Even though it was $15 for a box that is maybe 3x3", it is MORE than worth the price!!!!! One little piece is soooooo rich that it immediately satisfied me--and I am a chocolate addict....Yes, I AM drooling!!! At any rate, I have decided that in 2007, I am going to focus on the quality of what I consume. This experience proves that a little of something of excellent quality goes much farther that lots of lower quality...

On it's way to me from Amazon is a copy of Bob Greene's new book "The Best Life Diet"--I am looking forward to starting this book. I looked at it while at Barne's and Nobles and thought it was a very sensible approach..I really like that he explains metabolism and basics of body functioning when dieting! That will be my goal for 2007---changing my attitudes and behaviors so that I can change my eating/exercise...Tomorrow I will fix cinnamon pecan scones--but will use whole wheat white flour instead and just have one piece with a cup of really good coffee...Little indulges, done at least a little healthier...that will be the focus instead of deprivation.

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