Friday, December 08, 2006

Good Trip-Great Haul!

Holy Smokes!Sometimes it IS good to shoot an offhand comment into the air!While trying to sort through a box of knitting needles at a flea market shop yesterday, the owner expressed the same frustration I was feeling at trying to sort through the box to match needles. In a moment of frustration, I said "This is going to take forever! How much for the whole box!!!" to which she shot back "You can take the whole box for $5".....mind you, this was a good sized box of needles and she was selling them for 50 cents a pair. Yep, I bought the box! This morning I have found well over 35 pairs of matched longs and shorts....there are several really old pairs still in the sleeves and several pairs that are not familiar names to me. Pictures to follow once I get them all straighten out. I have also found several unmatched--which I will put in pretty jars or containers in my office for decoration or use when I am working on scarves that would look good with different needle sizes. I will post pictures of the old ones later in hopes someone out there will know about the brand and help me identify them....more later.

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