Saturday, December 09, 2006

Total for the Haul

It is only 10:30 a.m and I am up surfing other blogs. Funny how hooked you get keeping up with other bloggers!
Total count for the needle box: 84 matched pairs of straight needles, 25 unmatched variety sized/length needles (I'll use these when I knit scarfs that use different sized needles on each row..) and 12 afghan hooks (I have to give my mom in law credit for telling me what those were). Holy smokes, did I get my 5 bucks worth or what?! I will use most of them to teach people how to knit---I can give them a set of started needles, which is always a good thing. And teaching the basics (which is all I can handle) is pretty easy. One of the girls at work wants to knit really bad, so she will be my first victim--oops, I mean student! Always give back to others when you have the chance! I taught a friend to do granny squares (crochet) and we are going to work on some afghans, caps and other things for charities.

Two of my boys spent the night with a friend, so last night it was just my husband, oldest son and I. Hubbie and I went out to dinner with another couple and then to a graduation party for a friend. She is getting her second master's degree. And then she take the qualifying exams for her Ph. D in a week........and I haven't even finished my bachelor's.....but then said friend has no kids, so I guess I'm not slacking that bad....I am going to sign up in the Spring to start working through my math classes to complete college algebra. I have to start at pre algebra and work upwards (or downward since I feel algebra is the slippery slope to hell....but that's a different rant and I told the guys that untied my jacket I would play nice today....). Yep, gonna start the year off with a bang (or a slew of unmentionable words)...I'm married to an engineer---can't I just CLEP out of algebra on that basis?!

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