Thursday, January 04, 2007

Can we start the year over?

Since right before the New Year, I had been feeling a little yucky--as of the New Year, full blown yuck has descended into my chest....can I have a do-over? But being the optimist (fool?) that I am, I am resisting going to the doctor unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I will probably have to call out a second day from work--I REALLY would not like to give this to anyone and it is impossible for me to not interact if I am at the office....and I have realized I left my purple alpaca scarf at the office, so nothing repetitive to soothe me....I am going to have to look in my stash and start another scarf. One of my goals for the upcoming year is to knit from my stash. I really have too much yarn hanging around with no plans for it. In the very least, I should knit up scarves to take to the women's shelters or children's homes. That will give me a good feeling and serve the additional benefit of clearing space in my house....Hopefully I have red in my stash for the red scarf project (see the link in my lists). Foster kids are near and dear to my heart, and so are the ones who have "aged out" of the system.
Have a great day!

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