Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's All Good....

I am a little slow going this morning---same with the kids, but I got them to school on time. That has been a little bit of a problem for me this month. It seems like I get the kids up, they have breakfast and before you know it, it is 7:25. That wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that at 7:25 we should be in a warmed up, windshield scraped van sitting in a long line waiting to turn into the parking lot of the school. That has not happened this week. Pretty lame....But some mornings getting kids focused and to school on time is like HERDING GERBILS!

I am at the tail end of the scarf I'm making for a mediator at my office and already eyeing another one. The yarn I am using is a synthetic, but it feels like butter! I love knitting with it. Plus it is bulky and textured with eyelash style yarns, so plain garter stitch is sufficient.

Yesterday was a good mail day. I got Barefoot Contessa's new cookbook in the mail--it really is a good one and the recipes are ones I can see myself making. I have all of her other ones--except for the French one. That one didn't fit my style, although most of her books have easy recipes. The only quirk is that she tends to use extra large eggs--so I have to buy them. A lot of times I get my eggs from a lady down the road that has chickens. The first time I had fresh eggs, it was amazing. They are completely different from store bought. I can't describe it, take my word. I still buy store bought eggs (I sometimes don't have time to "run to the egg lady") but I really do enjoy going. Plus, I get to see the chickens---which I am totally in love with! If we end up buying this house, I am soooo getting a couple hens for eggs and amusement. We can have them in my little town, but no roosters for the obvious reasons.

I am posting a picture of the snowman created by our neighbors. It just makes me smile. It is more "ample" than any of the others!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.Spellcheck on my computer.

2. Coffee

3. Warm houses

4. Rock salt

5. Having the ability to knit. Both physical and mental. I think we all tend to take this for granted, but I was contemplating about how much pleasure it brings me and how I would miss it if I could not do it.

Have a GREAT morning!

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