Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I am getting frustrated about an error message I am getting while trying to install the HTML code on Blogger---I keep getting an Internal Server Error 500--which I have since found out is a general catch-all "you have a problem but we aren't sure what" message! All I want to do is upload the code for a ring I am REALLY wanting to join....figures! I have email everyone and their cousins for assistance!!!I'm pretty sure it isn't the ring HTML or others would be having issues. Time like these I would love to be able to speak Computerese!!

On another note, I usually don't make resolutions, but this year I broke that tradition. My New Years Knitting Resolutions are:

1: Learn to knit a sweater. I ordered Knitting From the Top Down by Barbara Walker to assist me with this. My LYS owner will be in shock--this is the one thing I told her I had no aspirations of ever doing.

2. Finish my son's legacy socks. Named legacy because at the rate I'm going they may arrive just in time for my grandchildren fit into them---and my son is not even dating anyone...

3. Visit a different small town each month in Kansas and Oklahoma and knit in each one. Details about the town will be posted on my site along with knitting pictures. These will be LITTLE towns that you pass on your way to somewhere else and never even stop to consider.....

And on the non-knitting side:

4. Get my college algebra and public speaking done so I can finish my degree! How is it that I can make straight A's in probate law, family law, criminal law, abnormal psychology etc but HAVE A MATH ISSUE!!! Okay, so I made a B in Legal research and writing, but darn it...I need to get over this math issue.

Oh yeah--and lose weight (I know,CLICHE big time)

No pictures today--just good wishes that you have a great New Years. I know, a day late....

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