Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Holy Smokes It's Cold!

I know, WAHHHHH. I have decided I am not a cold weather person! I like snow and having real seasons, but darn it, I would like to be able to stay inside and watch it from the warmth of my window with yarn in hand....

I had an AH HA moment this morning. As one of the twins went out the door wearing the first hat I've ever knit, suddenly I got a feeling of real satisfaction and realized,THIS is why we knit. There is something really satisfying about seeing someone you love wearing something you knit. And liking it. The pattern is one that I got in class a couple months ago and it is simple enough to be a first "not scarf" project for those ready to move on. The hat picture will be posted this evening (I finally found the charger cable to the camera). It is a really simple pattern done in Lion Brand (I needed to make sure it was washable) --- I am pretty happy with it and it knits up in a day or less. Very simple. However. I am doing the next one in some of my kool-aid dyed wool. If you have never Kool-aid dyed, you MUST try it! Along with being pretty darned easy, it is a good project for kids to help with.

Hubby was so sweet this morning. He took kids to school so I could get ready for work at my own pace, then called to wish me a Happy B-day. I'm 42 today. It doesn't feel like it. However, I like being the age I am and would not want to go backwards.

Have a GREAT and warm morning! I'll have pictures this afternoon of the hat and maybe some extras----now that I FOUND the cable!!! Cable....sounds like an idea for my next project.......

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