Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's raining,it's snowing, this old lady's nose is glowing...

We have been having quite the fun weather since Friday! I got to work at 9:15 and my boss called and said GO that point it was just sleeting and lightly snowing in alternate cycles. Luckily I had gone to the grocery store Thursday after pottery class. It was 10:30p.m. and I had missed the apparently wild and crazy rush to stock up. The cashier said it was a total madhouse all afternoon and most of the evening. At 10:30, I was one of half a dozen shoppers, so it was good. Luckily they had everything I needed. On Friday I stopped and got a ton of meat since our small town store was having an outrageous meat we are stocked and don't have to go out in this crazy weather. Luckily the weather is not bad enough to make the power go off, but if it does, we'll just unpack the freezer and put it all in the cooler outside, which is probably colder than the freezer!!!It is nice but the kids are getting stir crazy...what did parents do before PlayStation?! I guess we had plenty of books and I used to paint and draw when we were stuck inside....but I am putting a lot of inches on a scarf I am knitting for someone at the office, so it is all would be cozy to have a fireplace though!!

Speaking of painting and drawing, I decided that this year I am going to make a bigger effort to honor my talents. I love to watercolor paint and have gotten lots of compliments on the ones I have completed, but it seems as though I stop after someone compliments and I have my art laying all around where it is not being protected....I am going to start keeping my art in a portfolio case and I am going to set aside time each day to paint--even if for 30 minutes. I bought a book called Art Escapes by Dori Kanter several months ago and have been meaning to start the exercises, but never got to it. Yesterday, I went online and ordered the sketchpads and three tubes of watercolors to start the exercises in the book. I will order the other colors as I get to them. I like this book--it will help me work on my color wheel sense and give me projects to shake up my routine. I will post paintings as I complete them...

I am craving sushi! However, I am not craving it to the point of driving in this crazy weather to go get some! The closest sushi place is 30 minutes away- on a good day....I signed my hubby and I up for a sushi and Japanese cooking class in April. It is a hands on class by a well known chef/caterer here in town, so I am looking forward to it. Then we can keep the supplies in the freezer/pantry and make sushi when we get the urge. Jeremy, one of our twins, will eat sushi like crazy--eel is his favorite (it is too heavy tasting for me) so he is looking forward to us teaching him after we take the class, but our 20 year old son and the other twin will not touch the stuff. Luckily this class also teaches teriyaki--which both love...something for everyone.

Stay warm and stay cozy!

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