Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I will be glad when I get over this respiratory junk that is going around!!! I stayed home from work yesterday because I felt like someone had a wild trashing party in my body and forgot to invite me....Luckily I had caught up everything I needed to do at work on Monday, so I didn't leave any loose ends hanging. I went in on Monday but was trying to stay away from anyone---I really don't want to share this! My oldest caught it, so I know it is contagious, but he was done with it after spending 2 days in bed....I guess that's the problem with getting older. I have been nailed by this for 2 weeks....I am going to work this morning--I still feel like I'm draggin' but it's only 4 hours and then I'll come home and crash. It is easy to go in to work though--I really do love the people I work with and that makes it smoother when I am feeling like I do today...I am nursing a cup of hot cocoa (recipe posted in earlier entry) right now, then I will head off to work. ...for the most part I slept until noon yesterday--however Hobby Lobby had a sale on the yarn that I needed to complete a scarf I'm working on, so at 4:00 I got moving and ran some pressing errands and stopped by Hobby Lobby.
Originally my 2007 goals included only using yarn from my stash and not buying more. Unfortunately, I was one skein short from finishing this scarf AND Hobby Lobby was having a sale on the exact yarn I needed for half the price. Was that not a sign from above or what? So I picked up more and got another couple skein of a yarn I am completely addicted to called "Italia". It is normally almost $7 a skein but was on sale for $1.99 !!! Is that not too good to pass up or what?!!! It is a frou-frou novelty yarn (it is the Hobby Lobby brand) but it is sooooooooo nice to work with---I picked up 8 skeins....
No pictures this morning--maybe later...I guess I'd better get off to work. Have a great day!

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