Sunday, February 04, 2007

To The Coward That Abandoned The Beagle

Yes, I know the chances of the coward in the maroon mini pickup who abandoned the beagle (on Ridge Road) reading this is slim, since people who abandon animals in the country are too white trash to own any technology, but I am going to vent anyway!

This evening on my way home from a friend's house, I took a country road that I occasionally take home when I want to take the long way....As I was driving, I saw a mini pickup pull off the road, open it's passenger door and then close it and back up. As they drove off, they left a beagle. I drove past and the dog just stared at me.....As I wrestled with whether hubby would be really angry if another animal appeared, I notice the dog in the road in my rear view mirror. The long and short of it--2 miles down the road I turned around.

As I approached the dog, it was sitting in the road with cars coming towards it. Thankfully they slowed down as I flashed my lights and went around the dog, who by this time was running from side to side in confusion. Obviously this dog was not sure of where it was! He came right to me and jumped in my car. I could see he had been wearing a collar because the hair was pressed down, but the cowards had removed it.

The kicker is that this beagle is the best behaved, docile dog I have encountered in a long time. He sits when told, stays when told, and is completely oblivious to the neighbor's dogs that are trying to attack it through the fence. My only concern is that it does not try to defend itself at all when Cocoa (our German short hair/black and tan mix) went after him. AND HE IS ALREADY NEUTERED.


My hope is that the coward in the mini pickup gets a dose of Karma and loses his home and everything he is familiar with!!!

There, I've vented...but darn, I wish I could have gotten a tag number on that truck!
We are going to see if possibly the coward had stolen the dog from someone and dumped him when they realized it was a responsibility, but other than that we are hoping to find him a good home with someone we know. This way we can keep tabs on him. The Humane Society in Wichita is not a No-Kill facility, so I am not going to take it there! He will stay with us until we find a suitable home. Surprisingly, Hubby did not get really mad. Actually he didn't get made at all. Possibly because the dog is at least neutered. And thankfully the guy down the street is dating a vet's assistant who looked and told me how to tell the dog was neutered...Hey, how was I to know? I've never had boy dogs!! But now I know it is pretty obvious if they aren't...we just won't go there on this blog....

I will post a picture of him tomorrow so you can see what a cute boy he is.

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Andrew said...

Thank you - the world needs more beagle loving people like you. We have two, and they are our pride and joy. Like to read more about where he is now.