Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Here is our orphan--he comes to the name Buddy, so that is what we will call him. He's a real charmer, however he was not real sure about the silver box in front of my face, so he would not pose. However, he wasn't really fond of the FedEx guy today, so he does have the ability to be protective.Ever hear a beagle bark? Holy Smokes! It's loud.And he's not real crazy about cats (great-we have 5).....I still can't believe someone didn't want him!!! One of the guys at work thought that maybe he was stolen by the lame-brains in the mini pickup in hopes of claiming a reward. When none was offered, they dumped him. Or that possibly he was the pet of the lame-brains relative that died and LB did not want to deal with him....but COME ON!!! Dumping him in a strange place in the winter?!...He has been well care for--and he's neutered, so I can't imagine someone would take care of him only to dump him on a country road. Ok--I'll shut up....

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