Monday, February 19, 2007


After weeks of grey and windy days, today is sunny and windy. Wind can be a pain, but at least it is warmer. I don't have to work because of President's Day...not sure what makes this day special, but hey-it's a paid holiday so I'm not asking!I guess it's like Mother's Day, but for someone you may not like that much...

Sue (my friend and cohort in trouble and mischief) and I have a quilting class today, which will be great fun after our weekend cutting and sewing marathon. I went to her house at 3pm on Friday and left at midnight. We were pretty sick of cutting by Saturday morning so we took the day off and went from noon til midnight last night. Thankfully I had brought both my machines, so we each had a machine and it made the work go faster. We are going at a breakneck pace because it is part of a class--next quilt, we are going to work on it together and spread out the work. We'll do one for her together, then one for me....and so on. I'm sure her husband would love to have his kitchen and dining room back! With all the sewing, I neglected my knitting bag. I am going to disappear to a coffee shop this weekend and do some much needed knitting. Pictures later (although no promise of how much later the way my week has been going!)..

Have a warm and sunshine filled day, even if it is not in your neck of the woods!

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