Sunday, February 11, 2007

Slow Sundays

It is a pretty grey day around here, so I will spare you any shots of outside. However, it is a great day to get some much neglected knitting done. Hubby is out flying (his passion)....I have a pot of good coffee from Paradise Roasters (they have an unbelievable Mexican coffee), a load of clothes in the washer, and Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow CD playing on the cd player, so I feel entitled to sit and knit on the long overdue scarf for my coworker. I fully intend to get it completed this evening so I can weave in the ends (my least favorite part of the process) and give it to her in the morning. That will allow me to focus on casting on the Baby Albert coat. I started it, and then frogged it in favor of waiting until the scarf was completed so I'm not halfway between two projects....

I have a quilting class tomorrow at the County Extension Center with a friend. Who knew they taught knitting and quilting?!! And at a really good price! I am pretty hyped since it has been a long time since I have done any quilting and it will be fun to take the class with Sue. As usual my color choices are on the "bright side" --according to Sue. I know she was trying to diplomatic....Nothing mellow and subdued here! I will have pictures posted tomorrow of my fat quarters (the fabric, not MINE! There aren't enough attorneys in the world that can defend me on the aftermath if I did that...) and the scarf. I am hoping the recipient will model it for all to see.

Have a warm and fuzzy day filled with good coffee and great yarn!

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