Monday, September 24, 2007

Camera Comments welcome

As you may have read, my Vivitar Vivicam 8300s is not the best camera for me, and I have been contemplating changing it out for quite some time.

I am considering the Kodak Easyshare line. They have one out with 10 mega pixels for around $200. So--before I actually jump off and spend money, I would love to hear what kind of camera you use, what are the pros and cons and if given a choice, would you buy it again? I need one with a reasonably quick shutter speed--the Vivicam REALLY does not have that ability so I either miss a lot of shots or end up with blurred pictures. I find it is such a hassle to operate that I end up not taking pictures at all. Oh, and I want to keep it under $250.

Talk to me!

Good coffee and a great day to you and yours!

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