Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Which is almost Friday....OK, so I am being optimistic....I fly to Atlanta this Friday to visit a friend. I haven't been to Atlanta since childhood and I am looking forward to it. I lived right outside of Atlanta when I was a child but haven't been back since. I am already scoping out the yarn shops. There is one in the Virginia Highlands section of Atlanta that sounds interesting, and my friend said it is reasonably easy to get to, so we just might have to explore.

It has definitely been a week of slogging---that is when you are trying to make some progress, but are just slogging around in the muck. The muck in my case are telephone calls from clients that require more time and energy than is really needed, but still sucks up time anyway no matter what...I'm not a good slogger! As much tail chasing as I have done in the past two days, you'd think mine would be smaller!

I am about to go upstairs and start on the back of the baby sweater I started in class. I got a little frustrated with the front so I am letting it rest overnight. Then I may take it to Twist for some help. It is knit in Berrocco Comfort, which is a synthetic yarn (with baby stuff it is all about the wash ability!) but I may have to block it nonetheless to get an accurate measurement. I am getting uneven measurement on both sides and I know they are even....I WILL finish this sweater...........then I have to cast on a dishcloth or a facecloth for the swap. As if by fate, I happened into a used book store here in Wichita and found a rather thick book of knitting stitch patterns. There are several that look really neat, so I may have to make several to see which ones work best in that format...darn, don't make me knit...

I am hoping that I am able to get on the flight with my wood double points -- I'd love to start some socks before I go so I can work on the ribbing while I am on the plane for 2+ hours. It keeps me calm. I knit when cute man and I fly in single engine planes (hubby is a private pilot) and it is very calming and productive........I am going to buy some wood double points this week if my Harmony set from Knit Picks does not arrive by then. I am waiting....I loved the size seven and eight set so much that I bought the packaged set of smaller ones. I love the colors and they really are smooth and feel good in my hands. I haven't knit with them yet, but since they are from Knit Picks, I trust that they will hold up well and be guaranteed like everything else. I buy their skeins of yarn that you dye yourself when I am kool aid dyeing. I love Kool Aid dyeing--it is so easy! I am about to move into acid dyeing as soon as I get my set of dyes and read a little more about it.

Well, I have to run!
Good friends and great coffee to you and yours!

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