Thursday, September 20, 2007

October resolutions

OK--I got back from an initial consultation at Curves and have decided that it is time for a resolution!

I could wait for the new year, but today after weigh in, I got a wake up call. My weight is at a ridiculous and dangerous level. I'm embarrassed to say how much, but trust me, it is NOT good. SOOOO-starting in October I am resolving two things--I am going to lose weight and exercise more--and I am going to use the yarn I have in my stash to keep my mind busy and my wallet closed....since I am really bad at going cold turkey, I am going to treat myself to 2 skeins of some Jitterbug after each 10 lb weight lose. Ten pounds doesn't sound like a lot, but to me it is. Since I love Jitterbug sock yarn so much, it will keep me motivated. I am going to start on a pair of socks using the Jitterbug I featured a couple posts ago. I really have not progressed to anything other than basic socks, but I love sock knitting intensely! I work on double pointed needles and there is just something really calming about going around the needles. I am eyeing a little more complicated cabled sock from the Interweave 25 Favorite Sock book....I've done regular cables and really like it, so it shouldn't be too hard to transfer that technique to something smaller, right?

I haven't gotten as far on the baby sweater as the teacher would like us to. She was wanting us to have two pieces that she can use to show us how to sew seams together. I have not even finished the front, so I am just going to make a couple swatches that I can use for her to show me how to seam them together. I am a slow knitter, I guess. Either that or I am a really busy person. I am going to hang out after class again Saturday. I had such a wonderful time. I probably won't close the place down like last week, but I will sit and visit for a couple hours. I am hoping to be able to make it to the Thursday stitch and bitch at some point--when my schedule slows down.

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