Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rockin' Weekend!!!

This weekend was one of those EXCELLENT weekends that just makes you warm all over!!! OK, maybe it was the fact it was actually a billion degrees outside. Either that or hot's so hard to tell lately..

Well, except for the part about having a test in the online math class I'm taking at the local junior college---mmmmm--love those polynomials...NOT!!!!

Saturday started with one of the best classes I have taken in a long time! It was the first class of the two week sock knitting class that I signed up for at Twist. I know the two girls (at what age do we become women?!) that teach the class from the Wichita Knit in Public group, but haven't taken classes from them before. Jackie's blog says it was her first time teaching, but they did a flawless job. Jackie and Lia were very good about watching for knitters in distress and knowing when to let everyone work it out....I screwed up by knitting with my tail (the YARNS tail, not mine... ) straight out of the shoot (otherwise known as the knit with your tail and falling on your arse technique..I perfected it). Hey it can only go uphill from there, right? I had enough of the tail to knit to the beginning of the round luckily and just faked it from there by switching over to the working yarn. For those of you purists who are having chest pains at the thought of that, hey--it worked....not that I intend to do that again, but it is a "learning experience"(which is usually followed by the phrase "Well, isn't that SPECIAL", or "Well, I don't think I've ever seen all my YEARS of teaching"). And I TURNED THE HEEL TODAY. For those of you not familiar with " the legacy socks" aka. "Jeez Mom, are you ever going to finish them" socks, just take my word--this is a MAJOR deal! As I realized the heel cup was formed, I could have sworn I heard angels singing-then I realized it was one of the cats growling....good timing on the cat's part....

Later that evening I worked the state fair booth in Hutchinson that our company has every year. I enjoy it. Cute man and kids hung out from 4-9:30 and looked around the fair. I want to go back before the fair ends so I can actually see the exhibits and the livestock. I got there too late last year and didn't get to see all the animals. I did run into the llama breeders last year, who had not packed up yet. They were a really great group of people--and I still really want one! But there is this little thing about being able to convince the neighbors that it is a sheepdog....a really BIG long necked sheepdog...that spits....I'm still working the details out on that one, stay tuned.

And to top off a weekend that couldn't get any better: My friend Marita flew in to Wichita for the weekend. It was so good to see her! I am flying to Atlanta at the end of the month to visit her on her home turf. I am dragging her to every yarn and fabric store in a hundred mile radius...suggestions welcome.

Good things:
The Yarn Harlot is coming to Wichita next Sunday. Tickets are free from Watermark Books here in Wichita. I got mine!

Knit picks has the coolest multicolored wood double point and circular needles! They are called "Harmony"...I heard about them at the sock knitting class this weekend, so you KNOW I had to look...and order... a couple... OK, maybe more than a couple. Last I checked, the only thing that was bad to have "too many of" was husbands and parking tickets. Yep, I use the same argument when eating Oreos...

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