Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ready for the Weekend

Except for the fact that I have not progressed enough on the baby sweater to seam anything together....darn it. I will remedy that tonight. Hubby has class so I am considering taking kids to the library so I can hang out and read/knit. Not that I can do both mind you, but it is nice to have the option of knitting when I have found everything I want and the kids are still looking.
I need to get the front finished-up to the button holes, which I do not know how to do yet and the neckline. After I finish the sweater, I will start another so I can reinforce what I have learned and get back to work on my socks. There is something relaxing about sock making, I'm not sure what.

Had an interesting exchange at 8 O FREAKING CLOCK IN THE MORNING door bell rings and I look out to see a guy and his kids standing there. I figure it has to be important this early in the morning so I answer it--in my pj's and wet hair. The guy asks if that is our blue Thunderbird out front. Mind you, the car is so pitch black, it is inconceivable that it can be mistaken for blue. But hey, it's 8 O FREAKING CLOCK IN THE MORNING, so I'll allow for a little color blindness. Meanwhile 2 of the 4 dogs have decided these people on my doorstep look particularly tasty and are trying to break past me to get a morsel. Still, I'm trying to be graceful. And here is how the exchange goes from there---at 8 O FREAKING CLOCK IN THE MORNING:
me: yes, that is our Thunderbird.
moron: does it run?
me: yes.
moron: Are you selling it?


me: no, it is not for sale.
moron: it's not for sale?
me: no, it's not for sale.
moron: does it run?
me: yes, the starter may need to be looked at, but it does run...
moron: it runs?

Mind you, he is taking time to formulate each witty response while I am contemplating being rude and shutting the door, or releasing the hounds, but I know too much about liability law to be comfortable with that...

me: it's going to be going to Iowa soon.
moron: you're taking it to Iowa?
me: yes, IOWA.
moron: where are you going to get it fixed? (the first non repeating statement he has made in the whole conversation, so I'll grace him...)
me: to Doug's (one of the few mechanics in town and an absolute wonderful owner and staff but I did not add this since I saw the next sentence coming..)
moron: To Doug's?
By this time I am starting to get visibly pissy so I guess his common sense button was finally tripped and the nice man took his son and got the hell of my landing at 8 O FREAKING CLOCK IN THE MORNING....

And the scary thing is he got in a vehicle as a driver....isn't there some law that says you have to have a brain to drive...never mind. The flip side of that is that maybe he was having a pissy morning and just felt the need to knock on a random strangers door and share it. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!

Secondary note, did you know spell check doesn't recognize "pissy"? Go ahead, spell it and ask for the alternatives....

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