Monday, August 27, 2007

This has been my day!!!

I saw this one on Prairie Gumbo's blog and had to laugh!!! It sums up the past 7 days for me in one picture!!! I LOVE this picture---hope this made you giggle like it did me!

I needed the laugh, so thanks to Prairie Gumbo! I hope I haven't just violated some major code of blogging by copying this, but it was too good not to share!


Criquette said...

OOOh, you are so busted for copying that picture off my blog! I forgot which blog I "borrowed it from, but it's fun, isn't it? Glad you stopped by my little blog on the prairie. To answer your question, I decided to make it a blog topic, so check it out in the next day or 2. Now I have a question for you...are you going to Laura's Greensburg squares seaming party in ElDorado?

Rhonda said...

I am hoping to go to Laura's seeming party, but I think that may be the day I have classes at Twist. We WILL have to meet in person one day, if not then! You seem to have the same sense of humor as I do--we could be really dangerous! I think a yarn shop crawl is in order!