Saturday, August 18, 2007

Recap of the week...

I got back from Texas at 2 a.m. Mondy morning. I had to be at work by 9:00a.m.... Needless to say, most of this week has been a sleep deprived blur! My big goal for the week was to make it to Friday without screwing up any important paperwork. I am happy to report that I did not screw anything far as I know. However, this morning was spent sleeping in and doing as little as possible. It has been great. I had a large chore list for today, but that may get pushed off to tomorrow or tonight. Right now, I am seizing the day for me to relax!

I took gobs of pictures while in Texas, but guess who left the memory card in the computer at home. DAMN! When I finally find the computer cable, I will download some pictures. The homeowners across the street from my sister in law have the most incredible tree/shrub in their yard that absolutely pulled me across the street to find out more about it. Hopefully I will have the pictures to load when all is said and done. The neighbors said they got it in Arizona and it was called a Mexican bird of paradise. While I am sure that is not the horticultural name, it is spectacular!! They were even graceful enough to share a handful of seeds. It may not grow this far north, but I fully intend on giving it a try.

My mom-in-law and I got to do a little outlet mall shopping in Gainsville and Hillsboro. I was sad to see that Gainsville had very few shops left--it used to be a major destination. Hillsboro was better, but I found something at both places. The big haul was actually from the grocery store. In Texas you can buy wine in the grocery store. Great wines from both well known wineries and from local wineries. I was looking for Texas wines and was not disappointed. I try to buy wines from each state we visit whenever possible and a community cookbook, although I only got the wine on this trip. I will seek out a community cookbook next time we go. I think Carol and I are going to try to do some of our Christmas shopping there. Hopefully by then the roads from will be fixed. From the time we hit the southern end of Oklahoma right into Temple, it seemed as though every 10 miles had major construction. I was sooooo tired of orange pylons, I was about to scream!

It was great to see my sister in law and her family. It did make me consider how few times a year we visit family. It seems as though the year passes so quickly that there is no time to do any visiting! We are going to Stillwater this coming weekend for the birthday party of my niece's son. He is turning one year old and this will be the first time we have seen him. The sad thing is they only live 3 hours away.....Our family used to have really big "get togethers"--it seems like life has gotten so hectic, we've pretty much stopped. I want to start making sure we get together again. I'm sure it won't be on the scale that we used to have since most of my brother's kids are usually not there (nasty divorce) but it would be nice to see the ones that do attend.

I got new fountain pens in the mail today...I love fountain pens! I have spent half the day writing letters. I usually do not get a response back, as most of my friends do not participate in the art of writing letters, but I still enjoy it. Penmanship my favorite class in school. When I was in school it was taught for more years than it is now. We also had a manners class and a phone manners unit. Both of these REALLY would benefit students today!!!And some adults I know!

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