Sunday, August 26, 2007

Two-fer day

Two posts in one day--aren't you just lucky!

Above is a picture of one of my best buddies and a quilt we were working on. This picture is from a while back--I hadn't posted it until now...She did hers in flannel. I think she was better at getting her template pieces the same size...I got really good at improvising and "scooching"....We are both still working on our quilts. My quilt is the one I had my son holding up in a previous post....

I am contemplating how nice it would be to have wood floors downstairs right now. Our 17 yr old dog has been getting progressively worse about remembering the difference between inside and out and I have no idea what to do about it other than keep the carpet shampooer out and ready.Suggestions are welcome!I think she is in the beginning or middle stages of Alzheimer's. We have to stand right beside her in the yard or she forgets where she is at--and often she just walks in circles until we stop her...Keeping her outside is not an option since she doesn't see very well and panics if she thinks we are not there. Plus the fact that it is entirely too hot for a senior dog. I realized the other day that she is older than my twin boys. I know eventually she will pass, which is going to be hard for all of us--the boys have never known life without Kaysha.

We didn't get a huge amount accomplished today--as a matter of fact it is 10 p.m and I have not gotten out of my pj's all day....I did get the downstairs shampooed and vacuumed and cute man got a couple boxes unpacked--we have set a goal to have everything in it's place and a place for everything by the end of September. I figure if I do one box every other day, it will get done...As much as we threw away, I think we can still offload more. Probably a lot more..
I did get my math assignments taken care of, finally. I am taking a math class online from the local community college and it was quite a fiasco getting myself in today.....I'm sure it will be like second nature by the end of the class. Some people swear by online classes---my vote is still out. I like the face to face of classroom interaction, but I'm loving that I don't have to drive the really long distance to campus and saving gas is a definite plus...I guess there are trade offs to everything.
I am reading two books on organizing---I am hoping to glean the best from both for a system to get things organized around here. It seems like ever since I started working, things have fallen farther off track. I did take both books suggestion and got a planner...It has definitely helped keep me on schedule and I don't feel like I am forgetting somewhere I'm supposed to be anymore. I was getting to the point where I would just panic because I thought there was somewhere I was supposed to be that was important, but couldn't remember...this has been a major stress reliever! It helps keep me from double booking or making commitments if the week is already packed with events.
Goals for the remaining days of the month: (If I post them, I am more likely to get them done..strange, but true)
1. Get one box unloaded each day.
2. Put a cleaning schedule in writing so everyone knows who does what, when...

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