Monday, August 20, 2007

Many Blessings

Today was a day that I fully realized that I am truly blessed. I got to the office and one of my co-workers had slipped the most wonderful cigar box on my desk while I was gone from the office on Friday. I adore cigar boxes-some of them are true works of art. I will take a picture of this box and post it tomorrow. It really made me happy! I know some people can't figure out why they bring me real joy, but they do! Thank you Kym!

Another blessing I realize is my oldest son's grandmother. Even when things went south---WAYYYYYYY south with sperm donor, oops, Brandon's biological father, Martha and I managed to keep a relationship apart from that chaos. She has been a North Star in many instances.

And my mom in law Carol is a blessing too. We get along well and although I am sure I confuse her sometimes, she graces me with understanding and doesn't judge. I tend to be a free spirit and she just lets me go. I often say I have benefited from her adversity as a single parent of 4 children in a time when women just didn't get child support when fathers ran off--she did a superb job raising her kids and as a result I have someone who is a superb father and husband...oh yeah, and when she and I went to Texas last weekend, we didn't need a bail bondsman--I'm not sure if she was sad or relieved..only kidding. So far in my life I really haven't had to be bailed out of anything....should I put that on the list of things to do when I turn 60?

My parents are blessings too---I can guarantee that I caused every grey hair on their heads...let's just say I was a headstrong child and leave it at that!

Tonight, look around and find blessing wherever they may be. They can be large or small. Often the small ripples are the foundation of a wave. Look for the ripples....and realize even when things are hard, you have blessings.

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