Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When the humans are away....

I am home from work today with some kind of blucky-yucky bug...I finally had to get up because the dogs kept coming to the bed and looking at me then leaving the room--then doing the process over and over again....I think they had a party planned for today and were checking to see if the humans had left.....either that or the trash can was looking really tempting and one was the assigned lookout. It's hard to tell what the cats had planned, but I doubt they would give a darn if humans were in the house or not.

I did accomplish at least a couple things---laundry is washing and a pot roast in in the crock pot. Both things do not require my attention. Oh, and I called Twist and signed up for their sweater class....I went to the store yesterday since it is on my way home from work and I forgot they are closed on Mondays. I do like the fact I could just enroll from the convenience of my home and not have to drive down there today...As you can tell, I have a problem resting when I am sick.

We have had such miserable hot weather lately! I am really not a hot weather person--I never have been, even when I was thinner---and anything in the upper 90's makes me wish for Fall and winter! We are supposed to get cooler weather starting tomorrow and I am excited. I love Fall!

I have managed to knit a little on a scarf I am working on for winter, so I have accomplished a little knitting today. Twist is offering a lace knitting class which is really tempting. I may just have to sign up for it when I go pick out my class supplies. I love lace shawls but have never been able to learn lace on my own. This may be the answer. The class actually teaches beading and lace since you make a lace cuff with beads. They look like they'd be fast gifts. September is going to be a good knitting month. I have knitting classes on three Saturdays--And one of those Saturdays I'll be at the shop almost all day----no, don't make me hang out around yarn for a day...with a credit card.....

End of post note--I am apparently easily distracted today. I left the computer on to put a load of clothes in the washer and there it has sat for approximately 2 hours while I :

1: Did my homework for my Japanese class tonight.
2. Baked and frosted a cake--I came really close to forgetting it was in the oven and didn't hear the timer--it's cooked but luckily I caught it while it was still edible...I frosted it while it was warm to keep it from getting dry. Chef ADD is me! I'm glad I wasn't doing anything involving fire!
3. Emptied and put up the contents of three boxes.
4. Started a load of towels in the washer.

I think this is all nervous energy because I am not used to being home from work....Either that or I am finally getting over the actual process of moving and ready to settle in. Finally!

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