Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Thursday

Is it just me or has this been a longggggggg week?! Along with 100 plus degree weather, it has just been a long week....I go to Texas with my Mom in law this weekend so hopefully I'll have some good pictures to post when I get back.

I did finally go over to the junior college and pay for the Japanese class and the math class that I am taking this Fall semester. The bookstore does not have the required text for my math class --which makes me nervous since class starts on the 20th---but at least the whole class will be in the same boat. The Japanese class is an intro class, but it is going to be pretty involved from the look of the text. I was worried that my schedule would leave the kid at home without an adult but it all turned out great since Cute Man's Tuesday night class was not to be. Turns out that this class in combination with hubby's other class was not what the advisor would have suggested since both are really hard graduate level classes. Tuesday was the only night I was worried about, and it took care of itself...actually it got taken care of with a little prayer for assistance from above. It's funny how it works out when you simply say" Please help this work out..."

And what do you have planned this weekend? Please leave comments -- I love hopping to your blogs when I read my comments. I have found some absolutely fabulous blogs this way....

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You have reached the blog of designer Marlene Biles located in said...

This is the longggggg week, not last week! (I worked only 4 days last week) - five is going to kill me. I can relate to all your comments on your page - cats always love the end of knitting needles - I'm always scared I'll poke their eyes out; just shredded all of my court documents from 1999 when my ex was being a huge jerk; my son will be turning 21 on Sept. 12th (also have a 23 year old daughter. Thought your blog was fun - I'll check back again. Happy Thursday! - Marlene