Saturday, August 04, 2007

Crafty Fun Weekend

Thursday was the second and last hand applique class at Picket Fence Quilt Company---I learned to do stems and leaves. The stem part I think I can do again, the leaf part, only time will tell. I am completely addicted to the little hearts that I have been appliqueing in muslin though. I am planning a quilt around the ones I've done well and will continue to applique until I have enough for a quilt. The hearts are an easy project to take along. While I was at the quilt company Thursday waiting for others to arrive, the owner gave me two demos of some possible new addictions. One was Russian needle punch. Although it looks easy enough, I may have to take a class....the other was this completely awesome purse that I've seen at a couple quilt shops lately. It is a matter of layering, quilting , binding and sewing -- I was shocked at how easy! These are going to make really fast Christmas gifts!

I got to FINALLY visit the new yarn store in town, Twist. If you have a chance to get to Wichita, make plans to visit. The owner is really friendly and they have some wonderful yarns. I signed up for a sock class that starts in September. I actually know the two girls teaching it from the Wichita KIP (knit in public). Anyway, Twist has tables and comfy couches for hanging out and knitting. And they are close enough to my office that I may have to start wandering over there when I get off work. My camera is charging right now, so I will post pictures of some yarn I had to buy once it charges.

Speaking of charging. I am starting to think a new camera is in order. Laura, at Sugar Bunny Boulevard was gracious enough to share what type of camera she uses for the awesome pictures she takes on her blog. Check out her blog--it's great reading. There may be a new camera in the house come Friday......

Cute man and one of the boys (Jeremy) are at an all night, all day (3 day) baseball tournament (Baseball Around the Clock). They are going to be pretty darn exhausted by the time they get home. Jeremy was pretty psyched about going, let's see of he and cute man ever want to see another baseball game again after this adventure......Mark and I have been hanging out at the house but are planning to take in a movie and a little shopping today. It's going to be a fun day!

DRIVE-BY SURF ALERT: Ever heard of a kumquat? I was surfing blogs (drive-by surfing?) today and came across a link to this gem check it out, there is even a little ditty that shows you how to EAT a kumquat...and a place to buy them (in November only)...I may just have to order a 10 pound box and make kumquat preserves.....hmmmmm...kumquat....giggle. See what happens when you leave a bored fruit namer in charge? Maybe the guy that named this is the same one that named the platypus....

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