Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quick Post Before Bed

This has been a spectacular weekend--I did not accomplish a single thing on my To Do list, but it was pretty relaxing. Hubby, the boys and I went to a hobby store today and then spent the day just hanging out at the house. I did get some cookies baked for the week and even made enough dough to put some in the freezer for future batches.

I really intended to work on my one patch quilt this weekend, but time slipped away and it didn't get done. School starts for both hubby and I this week, so it is going to be busy from here on out for the whole family. I have a math class online from the local junior college that I have assignments due each week in addition to other things...I have never taken an online class but one of the girls at the office swears by them. It does make it easier to juggle family schedules when I can be home doing my class. The Japanese class that I am enrolled in requires that I actually attend class, but I expected that. I am excited about the start of the semester. I had laid out because we were paying for oldest to go to school full time and my schedule just wouldn't fit one more activity into it. This semester, oldest is waiting to establish residency in Iowa and then he will enroll full time, so we have some wiggle room in the budget. The boys are both playing football instead of one in football and one in soccer, so that eliminates trying to get to two different practices and games at the same's all about simplifying. I even started using my day timer again to eliminate the panic of feeling like there is something important I am forgetting...
So, I will close for now.
Good dreams and great coffee to you and yours!

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