Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family Weekend

It didn't take him long to figure out how to dig in!
My niece and Auralis (I am quite sure I misspelled his name...again) picture is Brittiny, son and boyfriend, Ricardo (Auralis's dad)

We went to Stillwater (Oklahoma) this weekend to attend the birthday party of my niece's little boy. I can't believe a year has passed. Shame on me for not seeing this boy since he was born. I had a staph infection when he was a newborn and was NOT going to risk him getting ill--even months after I got a clean bill of health-it took several months to get myself back to some sort of normal--I was very paranoid about making sure every bit was gone....and then life got busy, as we all know it does.

It was a hoot watching him tear into the cake once he figured out what it was. I'm sure he couldn't figure out the crowd of adults and other kids standing in a circle watching his every move....Unfortunately my camera (Vivitar Vivicam 8300s) is not the most user friendly camera, so most of the pictures did not come put completely...However, it was fun to watch him. These pictures were taken at my niece's home.
I was hoping to visit a fabric store in Perkins while in the neighborhood, but we got there at 3:30--the shopped closed at 3:00...figures. Maybe next trip. I am going to make sure we go to Stillwater at least once a month from here on out...
We did get to visit my sister and her family in their new house. They have just moved from the Dallas area to Stillwater so my brother in law could take a teaching job at the local Vo-tech. I'm sure her kids are in for some culture shock after living in Dallas all their lives...We went running around the campus (OSU) for a little bit--things have really changed. There is a new stadium being built--it looks like a stadium on steroids!! There has been a bit of controversy with the college lately. They seem to forget they do not own the town and made some really heartless decisions. At first the city supported the decision and forgot about the citizens--then they created a monster and had to knock the university back to their cage...the university forgets sometimes that while they are a major part of Stillwater, they do not own the town....At any rate, it was interesting to see the campus and how it has changed since I attended and hubby graduated. I did get to go by Aspen coffee company and pick up some really good coffee--so that was a almost a consolation prize for missing the quilt shop...Next time we go back I want to walk downtown and window shop. When Eric and first started dating, we would walk downtown in the evenings after the stores closed. As a single parent, I had no money to buy, so looking when the stores were closed was a good thing. We usually took Brandon with us, so he had run of the sidewalk and Eric and got to stroll together. There was a time when the downtown was really struggling, but it seems to have bounced back...that was good to see.
On the knitting front, I am really hyped about next month! The LYS (Twist) here has a sock class that I was lucky enough to have signed up for before it filled--and then there is a beginning sweater class that I am going to rum down and pay for tomorrow. It will teach the basics of construction using a pattern for a kids sweater----I AM SOOOOO GLAD WE HAVE A YARN STORE THAT TEACHES FORMAL CLASSES. I love our other yarn store also, but I do like going to classes.

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