Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flyin' past Dorothy and Toto

OK--I am OFFICIALLY tired of anything wet falling from the sky. Especially if it is accompanied by tornado sirens and hail.

This evening after the Stitch and Bitch at Twist, I was heading home in the rain--quite unworried by the rain. Once I got out of the downtown area, the rain picked up.

Not worried.

Once I got closer to Haysville, I couldn't see to drive. HMMM.

Somewhat Worried.

So I pulled over and went inside a Quik Trip convenience store to wait out the storm. I called home and hubby said "Get out of there, there are tornadoes in that area". Well, let's see honey... It's raining cats, dogs and an assortment of other small mammals--I can't see 2 feet in front of me---and there's a tornado IN THE VICINITY of my wimpy little compact car?...HMMM.

Pretty darn worried.

My arse is staying planted right where I am.

I wasn't sure whether Hubby telling me to get out of the tornado area was a vote of confidence in my superb driving skills (um...not so much) or he was feeling pretty confident that the sheer volume and dead weight of my human rear end would keep the car on course if a tornado of epic proportions tried to suck the car off the highway.

For his sake, the answer to that better be : confidence in my superb driving skills!

The humorous thing is that before I ran into Quik Trip, I had apparently hit the radio button and changed the radio station. When I got back in the car, the radio was belting out some really obnoxious song in Spanish. And I sat there thinking "Holy Shit-we just got blown to Mexico!"

Now I know how Dorothy and Toto felt.

I was afraid to check under my car for a body that might be sporting ruby slippers.

I was pretty darn miffed at myself for not bringing my knitting into the store while waiting out the storms. I know, WHAT KIND OF KNITTER WOULD DO THAT?!

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