Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Posting

I'm hanging out waiting for the final tumble on the dryer so I can get ready to run some errands before heading into Twist. At some point to day I have to run by Smoky Hill Winery to add a couple bottles to our cellar. They are having 20% off today, so I've got to get at least one more bottle. They really have some good wines. I was hoping to hit a winery or two in KC when we were up there, but it was pretty busy as it was, so I may have to do that in the Fall. There is a sushi class that one of the boys wants to take, so we'll be going back up there in August, maybe sooner.

I am getting hyped about the mittens class that will be taught at Twist in July. Jen is going to be teaching the fiddle head mittens pattern by Hello Yarns. They are completely yummy. I am glad she is doing this in July. That will give me a chance to get a jump on Christmas. There is also going to be a mittens of the month class at Twist. I am looking forward to that. I am planning to do quite a few mittens this season. I am pretty certain I am going to design my own colorwork mittens by the end of the winter just to have something of my own. There are a couple templates floating around that seem to make it pretty easy.

I got the rest of my wire order yesterday so I am planning to crank out some stitch markers at some point this weekend. It will be nice to have a little down time and just hang out. I actually have a few books I am digging into, so hopefully I will get a little reading done this weekend too. I am not a big fiction reader, but I just picked up "Friday Night Knitting Club" and am hoping to make a little dent in it this weekend.

I am hoping to get to Stillwater to see my new great niece soon. Anna Gabriella was born Wednesday evening. One of my goals this season is to actually get to visit family more. I am planning a trip to Iowa soon to see our oldest son and his girlfriend. We haven't gone there since he moved--and that was a year ago! Time to just do it!

My coffee is ready and I REALLY need a cup, so I'm outta here!

Great coffee and good friends to you and yours!

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