Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting their Knit together

Last Saturday was worldwide knit in public day. While there were a variety of knitting activities going on around the world, here in Wichita we sat outside and inside while doing our part for the cause. Did I accomplish any knitting?

Ummm. Not so much.

But I was with them in form and spirit.

Today I helped man the KIP booth at the quilt show here in town. I was really proud of myself for not buying anything. Actually the only time I wandered to any booth was a bead booth. The strange thing was after talking to the owner for a couple minutes, she mentioned she was from Stillwater--my home town in Oklahoma. WOW. Next time I am in town I am going to have to see what she offers as far as classes. Part of what kept me from buying was the fact that I have been trying to rein in the budget so we can save for some big ticket purchases next year for the house and the fact that I work at The Beadery every Wednesday, so there really isn't anything I can't find or learn to make there. All said, I didn't crash the budget at all.

I did discover a little fact about myself while sitting and knitting for the 5 blissful hours I was helping at the booth: I am a FREAKING TIGHT KNITTER. Not just tight--FREAKING TIGHT!
I am working on a Nordic mitten for one of my sons and realized my stitches were really tight. It may not even come close to fitting the kid without assistance from a medical team. I could easily go into the tourniquet business with this mitten. So, even after getting 20 rows of colorwork done, I may have to face the inevitable and frog it. It's be cheaper than finding a therapist to treat an extreme phobia of Nordic mittens that occurred from a bad teenage experience. However it does remind me of the sock incident that my friend Cindy experienced. She actually had to cut a sock off!

Maybe I should only do colorwork with a glass of wine in hand. Actually since I hold the yarn with both hands, I would have to search for a really long straw or one of those beer hats that are so common on college campuses.

Yeah, that would look redneck classy.

But then again, it might be an effective recruitment tool for snaring knitters on college campuses. This way when Mom and Dad call Buffy at school and ask what she is doing, she can say "Knitting" and not be telling a fib. She just doesn't have to include the multitasking drinking part.

Or that she took the gold medal in the shit faced knitting Olympics.

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Lara said...

I womaned the KIP booth today. Fun! I ended up buying a new set of quilting rulers. I've been wanting to get back into quilting lately, and my old ruler has no marks left on it. This new set is really super-cool.