Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hump Day

It is 9:30 p.m and I finally stopped long enough to catch my breath. It has been a long but good day. I was hanging out at The Beadery all day today and made quite a few stitch markers for the shop. I love getting to do creative stuff. Next time I am in Newton, Julie is going to teach me how to do an awesome right angle weave bracelet I've fallen in love with at the shop. I adore Swaroski crystals and this bracelet is stunning. Actually there are quite a few really wonderful jewelry pieces at the shop. Julie can teach you how to bead and make just about any kind of bling. Starting this summer she will be having one hour technique classes in both the bead part of the store and the yarn part. I will be teaching a stitch marker class at some point. I have to see what my schedule is like so we can coordinate this.

On the yarn part of the world, Jen is teaching a mittens class at Twist in July. I am really excited about these mittens since I have seen Jen's completed set in person. They are stunning!!
I'm not sure what the dates are (you can click on the Twist link and check out the July schedule for more info), but you can BET I am going to be there!

On my way home from Newton today I was thinking about how really blessed I am to be able to volunteer at both Twist in Wichita and The Beadery in Newton. Both places give me a lot of creative inspiration and are owned by totally rockin' women. If you are in the area, stop in and visit these shops. They are really good places to be. There is no way you will leave without being inspired and itching to create something.

I should have a large batch of stitch markers for sale at Twist within the next week or two. I got my wire today and they sent regular gold base metal wire instead of non tarnish base metal. Since I want to make sure the markers don't tarnish and rub off on your yarn, I won't use any base metal that is not non tarnish. Eventually I will have some sterling silver markers made up, but I am going to order the newest sterling blend on the market. It uses a different alloy than regular sterling and is harder to tarnish. It is the same silver formulation, it just uses a different alloy than regular silver so it can be labeled as sterling.

I'm getting excited about my trip to Kansas City. Staci and I leave Friday morning. The classes are Saturday and Sunday, but we have a full itinerary of stuff we are going to see. On place I am psyched about going to is Urban Arts and Crafts. I have to give full credit for the addiction to this shop to Jackie, who introduced me to the wonderfulness of Urban Arts and Crafts.

I know this post is not full of the regular tartness and all around cheeky comments, but I am really tired and I have typed the same sentence three times, so I am going to sign off.

Good coffee and great friends to you and yours!

Word for the day:

hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia --
the fear of long words. No kidding!

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