Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Is it Monday?

Last night I was feeling cheeky for getting clothes washed and in the dryer for today. Notice what I left out? I didn't until this morning. To get them washed and PUT IN THE DRYER does not mean I will REMEMBER TO TURN ON THE DRYER.


So I wander downstairs to retrieve my dry clothes only to find--no surprise--they are not dry. I'm sure the whole scenario would have played out completely different had I TURNED ON THE DRYER. Notice a theme?


OK, please tell me it only gets better from here. I am going to Twist after my clothes are done since going buck naked is not an option Shelly would probably agree with. Intense counseling will have to go with that visualization, I'm sure.... Maybe being around the yarn will bring the mood of the day upward.

I just looked at the July classes at Twist and discovered Jen is teaching a mittens class. I am soooooooooo stoked about this! I completely drooled over her mittens and have been obsessed with them ever since. However I have not made mittens like this and was completely too intimidated to start. The fact she is offering a class makes my day!!

I have decided we have entirely too much cat hair around this house. I vacuumed up what I thought was a cat yesterday only to discover it was just a bunch of hair. And the bad thing is that I vacuumed before I went to bed and woke up to more hair. Is there a party while we sleep and some cat forgets to put all his/her clothes back on? If it were a sheep, at least I could spin it, but no, it is short and slick. Not wheel friendly at all. For those of you grossing out about the last comment, you have to be a spinner to understand the lure of potential spinning fiber yet undiscovered.. Not that having a partying flock of wild naked sheep in my house would be appreciated by any of the other inhabitants of this house...


Spell check dings me every time.

Is it bad to want a glass of wine before 11 a.m? If the tone of this day continues as it is going right now, I may need the whole damn bottle. Now. And I'm not even a big lush. But the day has not yet started so there is always room to spiral downward from here. I'll put a bottle in the fridge before I leave for the day.

I know, it's sounds like Ms. Pissy is present and accounted for today.

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