Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marshmallow Brains

OK people--it's official. My brain has turned to marshmallow.

It happened quite suddenly. Here I was reading the news from the Internet and a little blurb (GOSSIP) about an actress caught my eye.

So I clicked.

I'm not proud of it, but I clicked.

And from that moment on, I lost the ability to reason.

I read that blurb, then clicked next. And read the next gossip blurb. And the next. If these little blurbs were potato chips, my butt would have molded to the side of the chair. Instead, I continued to read while little pieces of my brain melted and oozed out of my head.

Now all I need are graham crackers and chocolate and I could have brain s'mores. Or should that be brain s'less?

This is your brain. This is your brain on Gossip.

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ! (Actually I just wrote that to flip out spell check. It's a sadistic little joy of mine. Yep, I need a life..)


Jen in KS said...

Hey, I rediscovered which blog had you on its blogroll:
http://shhhimcounting.blogspot.com/ .

She's in Oregon. Your fame has spread.

(one of the)

Rhonda said...

Hey! That totally explains it!

She (Donna)was a swap buddy of mine a little while back--have you seen her outrageously cool lace knitting?! I completely drool while looking at her pics!

And the funny thing is that YOU are in my favorites on my computer--I just connected your face and blog. Now I need to put you as a fav on my blog roll if that's ok w. you! Isn't that funny how small the world REALLY is?!