Saturday, June 21, 2008

A LITTLE Tension in the Air...

In the artfully arranged photo above, you see the Nordic mitten I was working on for one of the boys. Notice there are no needles holding the top stitches together?

Well, let me tell you a little story.

Once there was this mother who knew how to knit. And she had a burning desire to knit a pair of mittens for her children in their favorite college team colors. Two of the children liked the colors of the mother and father's Alma mater: Oklahoma State University. However, the last child went astray somewhere. His stubborn choice, was Oklahoma University colors.

Where did they go wrong the parents asked themselves.

Grudgingly the mother bought the cream and maroon colors of the OTHER team and started a set of mittens for the wayward child. But something went wrong there also.

OK, story time over.

Other than the fact they are in OU colors, everything was going along fine. I did a gauge swatch on circulars and came out perfect. So I cast on and started knitting away in the pattern I had sketched out. The ribbing went along without a hitch. The first couple rows of ribbing and the first inch of straight stitching went fine. Then I noticed that my mitten seemed to be getting pretty narrow. I mean REALLY NARROW!

So I did a gauge count and realized I went from 6 stitches to the inch to 60 bazillion stitches to the inch..HMMM. That's not going to work unless I have a pocket with a chain saw worked into the mitten... try explaining that to airport security.

So off I went to Twist to buy a set of double pointed needles. Actually I bought a set one size larger and a set TWO sizes larger. Wanna bet I end up needing the largest size--if not larger?!

Apparently I have a little problem with tight knitting. Think so?

So here I go again. Darn it (does that compensate for the potty mouth typing yesterday?).

I don't want to live these colors any longer than I have to.

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